4 Fun Facts About Tupelo Honey For Honey Lovers

Posted on: 28 February 2022


Honey is a natural sweetener made by bees in their hives. It's sweeter than sugar and comes in many different varieties. Tupelo honey is made from the pollen of tupelo flowers that bloom for a short time in select locations. If you've never tried tupelo honey before, you may be wondering why this variety of honey is so highly prized. You might even be wondering how you can get a jar of tupelo honey for yourself. Fortunately, it's easy to learn about tupelo honey. Here are four fun facts that honey enthusiasts can enjoy:

1. You can enjoy a sweetener with a low glycemic index.

A food's glycemic index refers to the effect it has on a person's blood sugar levels. Some foods cause blood sugar levels to rise more quickly than others. Tupelo honey contains a mixture of glucose and fructose. Fructose raises a person's blood sugar more slowly than glucose, which means that tupelo honey may be a good alternative to sugar for people who try to eat a low glycemic index diet. 

2. You can purchase tupelo honey online.

Tupelo honey is produced only in areas where tupelo trees grow. If you happen to live in one of these parts of the country, you can purchase jars of tupelo honey directly from beekeepers. Some towns even put on annual tupelo honey festivals. However, you can still enjoy tupelo honey if you live far away from tupelo trees' natural growing regions. Many beekeepers sell tupelo honey online and offer shipping services to people all across the United States.

3. You can store tupelo honey indefinitely.

If you've ever stored honey on your table or in your pantry, you may have noticed its tendency to crystallize over time. Crystallized honey is still good to eat, but it loses its pourability. Tupelo honey is unique because it does not crystallize like other types of honey. Your tupelo honey will remain smooth and pourable so you can enjoy it month after month.

4. You can try your hand at mead brewing using Tupelo honey.

Mead is a type of wine made from fermented honey. It has a sweet, distinctive flavor unlike anything other beverage. Mead can be difficult to find in stores, but fortunately, it's easy to brew your own at home. Tupelo honey is especially prized for mead-making due to its delicate, floral flavor. If you're interested in creating your own mead for your family and friends to enjoy, you can't go wrong with tupelo honey as a base.

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